Day 1 (October 17, 2014)   Flight to Delhi


   Our flight leaves Barcelona at 12:25 AM and, after a three hours link in Istanbul airport, we’ll board to our definitive flight to Delhi scheduled to arrive after six hours.

Flight Barcelona - Delhi


   As scheduled, at 12:25 PM we leave in our flight to Istanbul, which we feel short between meals and a movie I cannot finish.

   At Istanbul’s airport we must wait, first for the gate number on screens, and then once seated around the gate, talking to an Italian guy which visits India often because of his textile business. Later, an American guy joins to our conversation as he uses to visit Pakistan as well for the same kind of business.

   Anyone can see their devotion about the textures and decorations of such cloths and, when I’m going to check the displays as there are still no staff at the gate when it is boarding time, I can read our boarding gate has been changed and our flight appears on “Last call” status.

   We run together to the new gate but, as this gate was close the old one, we reach it on time to get the bus taking us to the plane.

Turkish Airlines plane to DelhiReaching Delhi

   This is a bigger plane, with rows of seat on 2-4-2 configuration.

   Somehow, we can barely find movies in Spanish in our screen and the unfinished movie from the previous flight is not there, so I cannot get the end.

   We only manage to sleep a couple of hours, hoping it won’t affect on the plans for tomorrow.