Day 12 (October 28, 2014)   Male


   We should start this day early if we want to see something in Male, like the Islamic Centre.

   We’ll be in a hotel just in front of the terminal for ferries to the airport, the ones we must use to take our hydroplane flight to Kuredu. It is the paradisiac island we’ll be relaxing in for the next days.

Mapa de Malé

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Hotel Nasandhura Palace
 1- Airport ferry Terminal
 2- Islamic Centre
 3- Malé Airport


   We’re up at 7 AM, trying to be at bed as much as possible after the late arrival last night. While my wife is getting ready I go out for a quick walk around. I don’t leave our street along the sea so I don’t manage to find Islamic Center. Somehow, I do see the ticket boxes for the ferry and get two tickets by 10 Rufiyaa each.

Streets of MaleStreets of Male

Quay at Male

   We got two vouchers at hotel desk to use in the restaurant for breakfast, so we do it and get the baggage before checking out and get the ferry, which is getting full of people at this moment.

Entrance to Nasandhura Palace HotelNasandhura Palace's restaurant

   Domestic flights in Maldives have softer procedures than the ones we’ve used in airports. We’re pointed from Trans Maldivian Airways desks to an area with a bunch of small stands as the place to locate counter 59. The man in charge of that counter gets us into a bus going to the other side of the island.

View of Male from the airport

   Once there we’re immediately addressed to Kuredu’s lounge. The whole process has taken less than 15 minutes and now we get our reward. We’re offered food and drinks but we only take water as we’ve just got our breakfast some minutes ago. We’re alone at this lounge and finally prefer some berth outside than being inside with the air conditioning. Here we have the sea in front of us with a row of hydroplanes. We’ve also got a bag with some gifts and a cold towel to refresh us.

Hydroplanes rowKuredu's hydroplane

   We still will have to wait for one hour before be called to board, but we’re fine resting part of what we’ve missed last night. Then, we’re addressed to small room with seats in front of the door to outside, where there is the wooden walkway to the planes we could see from our berths.

   The plane is small and we take the first windows seats just after the pilots. The idea has always been to enjoy the view of the atolls from the air, with their infinite tones of blue. I’ve already read about how these islands are a barefoot paradise, but it’s still surprising seeing how the pilot is driving without any shoes. This demonstrates setting a shoe shop in Maldives wouldn’t be a good business.
Shoes are not needed for piloting in Maldives

   When the plane is going down to the sea we’re announced we’ve arrived to Komandoo, another island belonging to the group, but I need to confirm it with the pilot as I’ve seen an identical view of the island from the plane than the one I checked for Kuredu in Google Earth. The explanation comes later, when the plane goes up just for a minute and then down again to the sea for Kuredu. Both islands are close each other and the one I’ve seen before identifying it as Kuredu, was indeed our destination, which we’ve just reached.

Kuredu Island

   We’re welcome by part of the staff playing drums and we’re assigned a boy as steward who takes us to a bar to explain briefly how the resort works while taking a welcome cocktail. Then, the all-inclusive bracelets are set on our wrists and he tells us we need to wait two more hours to get our room.

One of Kuredu barsSwimming pool in Kuredu

   Two hours can be spent easily here between the pool bar and the lunch buffet. With some other wait we’re finally in our bungalow by 4 PM. Here we find the baggage that was taken at Male airport.

   The bungalow is superb, with the bathroom partially at open air. Our bodies ask for resting, but we want also enjoy as soon as possible what we have in front of us so we take our benches to a place where we can have sun or shadow from the palm trees at will and rest there.

Our Beach bungalow in KureduBeach Bungalow's bathroom

   I soon take my snorkel equipment to attend the call of the sea. This beach is shallow and, I guess because of that, the water is hot. At the moment I take a look underwater I find out the real paradise in this place: colorful fishes, some quite big, are all around me. If I had any doubt about if being in the same place day after day could be tedious for me it is now off the table as I could spend all my days looking this life.

Our beach in Kuredu

   Somehow, this shallowness makes me to practically be crawling for it, but I can still see great fishes, like a Picasso triggerfish and a lionfish. Sometimes I must to come back to reality by standing with the water under my knees and check our bungalow is just a few meters there because it seems unbelievable to me. With my explanations Eva comes to the sea quickly to check what is underwater is real. But not everything is great here, you cannot walk by this shallow beach on barefoot and,Sunset in Maldives although the white sand at the beach is not pointing to that, in the water we must use our snorkeling shoes.

   We’ve spent the rest of the day in “our” beach and we only leave it after watching our first sunset here. With the night a heron comes to our place to take advantage of the low tide. We need to dinner too and go to the restaurant as the last task of our first day in paradise.

Heron coming for dinner