Day 7 (September 30, 2017)   Bukhara


    We'll take a train to Samarkand this day. We're presuming we'll have more things to do in Bukhara that in Samarkand, so we'll likely take that train by the afternoon.

   With this, we would spend the morning in Bukhara's bazaars for some shopping.

Map of Bukhara

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Hotel Khurjin
 1- Labi Khauz
 2- Chor Minor
 3- Poi Kalyan
 4- The Ark
 5- External Mausoleums: Ismail Samani and Chasmai Ayub.


   While we’re having our breakfast, we get our train tickets to Samarkand for this afternoon at 4 PM by 60000 soms each. The fast train was full, so we’ve finally got tickets for the Sharq, which takes a bit more than two hours for this trip. About the night train, we had to use our plan B for our trip to Khiva as there were no places available to be together in the same cabin. I purchased two flight tickets from Samarkand to Urgench via Tashkent by 50€ and booked an additional night in our hotel in Samarkand.

   With all these trips tied up we leave for the visit we left for today: Chor Minor. It is close to the hotel and we reach it after asking for directions a couple of time. We enjoy making us pictures with this cute building. In the shop occupying its interior we’re offered the chance to climb to the roof by a price, but we gently decline the offer.

Chor MinorChor Minor

    We walk back with the rest of the morning in front of us and the feeling of having the job done. We pass through the bazaar, where the Russian drawer we bought the miniature to is taking a picture with us as we talked yesterday. Then we go to the only bazaar we haven’t been in, Toki Zargaron, although we passed by a few times before.

Taki Telpak BazaarTaki Zargaron Bazaar

Taki Zargaron

   We had seen already Ulugbek madrasah, just besides the bazaar, from the distance, but now we spend some time in a closer look. We admire Abdulaziz Khan madrasah too, just in front..

Madrasah UlugbekMadrasah Abdulaziz Khan

   We go then to Lyabi Hauz Square to take a beer waiting for the time we asked our taxi to the train station in the hotel: 3 PM..

Taki Sarrafon Bazaar

   In the train station, security controls outside and in the entrance are the same than for any Uzbek airport. Once inside, the only train we can see is the Afrosiab, the fast one we couldn’t get tickets for. After asking, we’re pointed to the railway just behind for the Sharq, so we walk over the railway to get there and board our train.

Bukhara's train station
Afrosiyab at right and Sharq at leftSharq's interior

   The trip is short enough and, once in Samarkand station, we take a taxi to our hotel by 30000 soms, in a ride that turns to be quite longer than expected.

Samarkand train station

   Night is dark and Tashkent Avenue is empty with everything closed so, at the end, we go to the local brochette restaurant suggested by the hotel: Bobu. There we eat a couple of their delicious beef brochettes for each of us by 20000 soms in total.