Day 2 (September 25, 2017)   Azerbaijan: Gobustan National Park



   We’ll do our tout to Gobustan and Mud Volcanoes this morning and, in the afternoon, we’ll probably go to Ateshgah to visit the Fire Temple by the evening.


   After our breakfast where we can call our usual place, we’re at 9 AM ready waiting for being picked up for the tour. Our guide appears and introduces us to our driver. We leave immediately and, in a bit less than one hour, we get into Gobustan National Park through a police control. It is there because there is a prison within the National Park. In our way, the desert landscape is covered by gas pipelines and oil drillers. They’ve set a nice wall to cover the ugly parts, though.

Perforadoras petrolíferas en nuestro camino al Gobustán
Museo del gobustán

   Gobustan Museum prepares us perfectly for what we’re going to see in the actual site. Then we’re driven up to the hill covered by rocks to walk seeing one petroglyph after another. The views are wonderful from here.

Parque Nacional del GobustánPetroglifo en el Parque Nacional del Gobustán

Vista del Parque Nacional del GobustánVista desde el Parque Nacional del Gobustán

   Next stop is close to the prison to see a graffiti left by a Roman legion that pass by this place in times of Domitian.

Inscripción romana en el Parque Nacional del GobustánMala carretera hacia los Volcanes de Lodo

  From there, we take the motorway again just for a little bit before taking a horrible road. It’s that bad as per preferred to drive out of it. It is heading to the Mud Volcanoes, which are at the top of a hill.

Volcanes de Lodo
Volcanes de LodoVolcanes de Lodo

Volcanes de Lodo

   Landscape here looks like from another world. Surprisingly, the bubbling mud in the crater of these volcanoes is not hot.

Volcán de lodo

   Visits on this tour are being gentle and we’re enjoying it a lot. In our way back to Baku we make a stop by Bibi-Heybat Mosque, which bright green interior is astonishing. It’s a very good end for this wonderful tour.

Mezquita Bibi-HeybatMezquita Bibi-Heybat

Mezquita Bibi-HeybatMezquita Bibi-Heybat

   It’s around 2 PM when we’re back in our hotel and we walk up the street just to get into a small restaurant which is not looking as a touristic one. We get a yogurt cold soup and a sort of dumplings with broth each by 29.50 AZN in total.

   After having a rest in our room, we go out to take the metro in Icherisherer station, which is a glass pyramid with an entrance looking like a carpet. It’s just four stops in this same red line until Nariman Narimanov station, where the Haydar Aliyev Center is. We get a card with the four trips we need by 0.80 AZN by using the machine in the entrance.

Estación de metro IcherisheherEstación de metro Nariman Narimanov

   Haydar Aliyev Center is bigger than I expected, whether the building or gardens are massive and we just walk around the building and avoid going to the park area due to the strong wind, which is making difficult to walk in open areas. Then we take the street back to the metro station but get into a supermarket in our way. There we get a box of baklavas and a big piece of a kind of meringue and cream mille-feuille by 8 AZN.

Heydar Aliyev CenterHeydar Aliyev Center

Heydar Aliyev Center

   Back to the hotel we go for a walk by the seaside area at night to see the lights of the building.

Vista nocturna de la Bahía de Bakú
Vista nocturna de las Flame TowersVista nocturna de las Flame Towers

   We pass through Small Venetian until the Carpet Museum before walking back to the hotel.

Pequeña Venecia en BakúMuseo de la alfombra en Bakú