Day 3 (September 26, 2017)   Azerbaijan: Baku


   We’ve got a late flight to Kazhajistan today, so we’ll have most of the day available to visit what is still missing in Baku.

Map of Baku

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Old City
 1- Bayraq Meydani and Crystal Hall
 2- Heydar Aliyev Center
 3- Ateshgah
 4- Airport


   We’ve waked up late as we can finally do it and is even justified today, as is going to be hard tonight. With this, as the breakfast time in Sultan Inn is until 11 AM we appear there by 10:30 AM. Then we go back to the hotel to get the baggage ready and checking out at 12 PM.

Vista del boulevard desde el Sultan Inn

   We left the visit to Shavanah Palace for this morning and yesterday we booked the tour to Ateshgah from the hotel for this evening asking to be delivered in the airport, although they asked a plus for it. With a complete plan for today like this, we’re walking to the palace and pay 10 AZN for each ticket to get the courtyard that connects the different routes to follow.

Entrada al Palacio de ShavanahEntrada al Palacio de Shavanah

   We start by the door with stairs up which heads to a maze of rooms with artifacts on display like in a museum.

Palacio de ShavanahPalacio de Shavanah

  Then we take the stairs down to the gardens where we find an old mosque and tombs too.

Palacio de ShavanahPalacio de Shavanah

Palacio de ShavanahPalacio de Shavanah

   The door under the wooden canopy heads to the Divankhana. The last thing to do here is enjoying this courtyard itself and the views to the Flame Towers.

Patio del Palacio de ShavanahPalacio de Shavanah

   After this visit we walk around the wall until the double gate because the way to Turolev Street is there. It is the main street in Baku, where the international brand stores are.

Muralla de la Ciudad vieja de BakúMuralla de la Ciudad vieja de Bakú

Calle de la Ciudad vieja de BakúTorre de la Doncella en la Ciudad vieja de Bakú

   We seat in a cafe terrace for a tea until the time we’re going to be picked up for our ride to Ateshgah and airport is coming, at 3:30 PM.

Calle Turolev en BakúCalle Turolev en Bakú

   The driver comes with no delay and takes us to the popular Fire Temple, to which we get in after paying 2 AZN for every ticket. This old Zoroastrian temple shows information about this ancient religion in every of the several rooms around the courtyard.

Monumento a la Fórmula 1 en Bakú
Entrada al Templo de Fuego en Ashtergah

   There is a small temple in the middle of the courtyard where the eternal flame is burning. All around it are walls with doors to the rooms I mentioned before.

Patio del Templo de Fuego en AshtergahTemplo de Fuego en Ashtergah

Templo de Fuego en AshtergahTemplo de Fuego en Ashtergah


  After this, we’re delivered to the airport which looks all clean and new as if its opening was today. We’ve got time enough for wandering around and spending the manats we still have in food. First we eat some sushi in one place by 15 AZN. Later, we stop by another place to eat a salad and a pastry by 16 AZN. The spare 2 AZN are for a bottle of water.

Aeropuerto de BakúAeropuerto de Bakú

   Flight to Aktau is short, less than one hour, but once there we have a long wait. Aktau’s airport is small and we make Kazhajistan’s immigration procedures and take our baggage in no time. It was no reason for my fear about the chance of these three hours we have for these tasks and checking in to the next flight were not enough. The most part of this time is for waiting in fron of the check in desk to open. Besides, the flight is delayed, so we still have to add one hour and a half to that waiting time.