Day 8 (December 2, 2010)   Trip to Bangkok


This day is the longest road drive: first a taxi will take us to the Thailand border and then, after the procedures, we will take the car parked there and drive to Bangkok for around 4-5 hours. We will deliver the car at Bangkok’s airport and take a taxi to our hotel in the city. We will choose what could we visit once there and depending on arrival time. The evening will probably be for walking along Khao San Road and its market.

 Route Siem Reap-Bangkok

   The spots in our route marked in the map are:

A.-   Siem Reap
B.-   Poipet's border crossing
C.-   Bangkok


   Today is a simple day for us: we just must reach Bangkok. Our taxi was scheduled for 8:30 AM, but when we go out 10 minutes before that time, it is already there waiting for us.

   A gentle two hours ride leaves us right at the border in Poipet and 20 minutes later we’re back in Thailand. The only special fact we can explain in this morning is when the taxi driver stopped in the middle of nowhere on our way to Poipet and told us he was going to go to toilet. We could see him just peeing at road side a couple of meters from us.

   Our car is waiting for us in the secure parking in Aranyaprathet but we spend a lot of time on getting out from there because I cannot find the ticket. Remember my doubts about what to do with it? I remember them too and I’m sure I left the ticket somewhere in the car, but it finally appears inside a small pocket of my bag. We leave then to Bangkok at 11:45 AM. The estimated time for arrival is 3 PM and if I reach the hotel a bit later than that is just because of the traffic jams in the city. In our way I’ve been called by the man from the car rental company and we agree on delivering the car directly at hotel’s door. As I’ve been driving these last days so well in this country I’m not afraid on driving in Bangkok.

Bangkok's traffic   When we reach the capital we’re meeting traffic, denser when closer, and the skyscrapers. The cars have the most extravagant colors, the best is the strong pink of the cabs, the one in the strawberry chewing gums.

   I don’t find problems on driving on the dense traffic of Bangkok, but I do find problems for orientation. We cannot see street names and we just use a hospital appearing at our map as close to our hotel to reach that area. We’re stopped quite a lot on that area and we arrive to President Palace Hotel’s door at 3:45 PM. There is the man from Siam-rent-a-car, who takes the car and pays me back the deposit of 5,000 Baht by cash. We’re very happy with our experience with the car and that company but some time later I remember we’ve left some goodies under the seat: muffins, bread and chips.

   The room is the big surprise for this day. I expected a good room, but not that good: it’s like a 40 sqm flat, with office, living room, bedroom and a huge bathroom, with a bathtub at one side and a shower on the other side. There is also a big flat screen TV. We love the President Palace!

Hotel President PalaceHotel President Palace

   We like as much as per just going out to take one lunch, which is also a dinner, and come back to our room to enjoying it in a well-deserved rest and a wonderful views of the big city at night.

Views of Bangkok from our hotel room   That meal, in a restaurant named “Café 11”, is the most expensive of this whole travel. We seat at the terrace of this restaurant attracted by the offer we read in a blackboard: cocktail by 180 Baht and the third one for free. We take all three cocktails while waiting for our food, completely alone, at 4 PM. We eat two prawn cocktails, spaghetti Bolognese and filet steak and one chocolate brownie for desert: 1871 Baht. It might doesn’t seem too much for everything, but the value for money (portions were small, service was extremely slow, being the only customers!!, … ) makes us say we won’t come back.

   Tomorrow we will have the chance of visiting this fantastic city.