Day 14 (December 8, 2010)   Krabi


Ferry route Phi Phi-Krabi

   Until 1:30 PM, time for the ferry to Krabi, we will enjoy the beaches of the island. Then, in a two hours trip, we will arrive to Ao Nang, where we will have more beaches to explore.


   Sun rises, as every day, but I never could see it at sea from bed, and I like so much what I see that I go outside, to the beach. I’m the only one here, which is normal if the rest were at that party last night.

Sunrise in Tonsai Beach, Phi PhiSunrise in Tonsai Beach, Phi Phi

Sand Seaview Resort's beach

   It is not cloudy, as yesterday was, and when the sun is ready to offer its brightest light, the beach with white sand and turquoise water appears in front of us. We indeed didn’t need any tour for today and we’re the only ones enjoying a swim on these transparent waters. The sand has got its own show: tiny white crabs come out to welcome the sun and are very fast hiding back in their holes at the minimum sign. The beach and the crabs, difficult to see, though, are both in the video.
In front of our bungalow

   After some hours relaxing with the temperate water and the sun lounger we leave walking through the town to the other beach. There are people here, but much less than last night. It seems there are a lot of people coming here to live more the night than the day. One thing we already could see yesterday is the signs pointing the path to be followed in case of tsunami all along the streets. This is coming from the disaster of tsunami in 2005. The picture of the sign is from yesterday, that’s why the cloudy sky.

Tsunami emergency pathTypical PhiPhi street

   We lay on the towel over the sand of Lodalum Beach, shifting sun and sea. We took the picture below at right yesterday, now in the morning, the water is covering the most part of the sand.

Longtail in Lodalum yesterdayLodalum's beach

   At lunch time we walk through the village in our way to our bungalow and there are touts offering ferry tickets. Rates are similar each other, between 400 to 500 Bahts, and we finally choose one bargaining price to 400 Bahts and agreeing they will keep our baggage until we go on board.

   We take our bags from the bungalow and go with them over the sand again until the office of the agency we’ve just got an agreement before, which is beside the entrance to the pier. Then, free of baggage, we come back to the same place than yesterday for our lunch and also order the same. My wife has felt in love of this spaghetti with seafood.

   Then we just wait at the beginning of the pier for the arrival of the ferry. The pier is prepared for having two ways: one for the people going to board and other for the people coming from the boat. The procedure is as in Phuket: one mount of bags for each destination. Ours go to Ao Nang group.

In our way from Phi Phi to Krabi

   The trip to Krabi is more beautiful than the one yesterday as there are a lot of rocks over the sea and some tiny islands with small beaches which white sand could be seen from the ferry. The sky is also nicer today.

In our way from Phi Phi to Krabi

   After one hour and a half we reach the first stop: Railay Beach. The ferry cannot reach the beach and there is no pier here, so people and baggage goes to a small boat. This can be seen in the video, with the most relevant thing in Railay: this huge rock shaped as a big… cock, sorry, rock, I’ve meant rock.
Railay Beach rock

    Next stop, in the same coast but a bit on the left, is ours: Ao Nang. On land we’ve been waited by a swarm of tuk tuks. These are of a different kind again: we’ve seen a motorbike being in front and behind us, this time is in a side. As it was the evolution of a sidecar with seats and cloth roof, this vehicle take us to the hotel for the next three nights: Sunda Resort. There we’re welcomed by two nice Muslim women and a strange fish. It is big and looks as if it was deformed but what amazes me the most is seeing that, as the aquarium has some labels written in Thai, the sides of the fish seem to have something written in the same language naturally.
Fish in Sunda Resort's desk

   We love this place: rooms are independent bungalows with terrace to a spectacular garden looking as piece of jungle and two swimming pools in both extremes. While we’re looking our towels in the bed, shaped as two elephants fighting, a big rain starts outside.

   Night comes and we only go outside our “apartment” to take a dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, once rain is over. We will look after the Phang Nga tour tomorrow.

Towel elephants in Sunda ResortSunda Resort's room