Day 15 (December 9, 2010)   Krabi


   This day is for relaxing in beach or swimming pool. This day is for resting but it is not discarded a tour by the mangrove or, more likely, going to Railay Beach.


   We have an entire day for relaxing in front of us. As we’re taking our breakfast in the buffet enjoying the environment, we’re making our plan for today, which is as easy as: morning in the beach and afternoon in Ao Nang.

   We get the information about the complimentary tuk tuk the hotel has got for customers. There are two destinations: Nopparat Thara Beach and Ao Nang. For returning we must call to the phone number in the card we’ve just given to be picked up. So we go now to Nopparat Thara Beach as planned.

   What we find there is a big beach with no person. We’re completely alone, as can be seen in the pictures below:

Nopparat Thara BeachNopparat Thara Beach

   We walk by the sand. It is brown here, as the one in our beaches, which make us miss the white one we enjoyed in Phi Phi. We can also see party stuff here and there, as bottles or even glasses. It’s a pity. Something special in this beach is the crabs, looking like the ones in Phi Phi, but smaller. They’re really tiny and are everywhere, which makes there is not an inch in this beach without its small hole and sand ball from it. Walking to Sunda Resort

   Our walk takes us to the other side of this beach where we could see a hotel and a group of longtails. Our idea now is going to Railay expecting a better beach. Here, a couple of guys ask us if we want longtail and when I answer “depending on the rates” we’re pointed a blackboard with the rates written on it with a woman in a desk for the tickets. Rate to Railay is 150 Bahts per person and as it is a fixed price we prefer not taking the deal and going to our hotel to enjoy the swimming pools. 600 Bahts for a return trip to Railay seems too expensive to me as I’ve read it is 60 Bahts from Ao Nang, which is further. But later, looking on a map of the area, I’ll find out I was wrong and Ao Nang is not further but a lot closer. This is the map of the area:

Ao Nang area

   So we come back to the hotel by walking as the tuk tuk ride has been short enough. After 10 minutes walking along the road we’re in our bungalow getting ready for enjoying our resort for the rest of the morning.
Banana tree in Sunda Resort's garden
Sunda Resort's room

   After a couple of hours we’re coming back to our room from the swimming pool to be ready for spending the rest of the day in Ao Nang. We must hire the Phang Nga tour there today. Hotel’s tuk tuk take us to the second destination this time. Once in Ao Nang, as it is starting to rain, we get into a pizzeria with a big terrace with a good roof. As it’s soon to lunch we order a couple of cocktails. Later we lunch our pizzas made on wood stove with no rush.

   When rain and lunch are over we go for a walk, all along the endless main street which goes up sneaking by the coast, at our right. It is full of shops and we’re getting some souvenirs and asking on the travel agencies about the Phang Nga tours. We can also see incredible offers for suits from the tailors. As the dusk is coming we end choosing a small office where we can pay by card for our tour for tomorrow: 1200 Bahts per person including the kayaking, which is optional. This is the cheapest price, but it is also the one for the most of the places. By around 50€ per couple we’re picked up from our hotel to visit Phang Nga National and its famous James Bond Island, the monkey temple and some falls. Park fees and lunch is also included.

Ao Nang Beach

   Dark is coming when we’re turning around without reaching the end of this street and we go downstairs to see Ao Nang Beach and check it is cleaner than the one of this morning.

   We’re in the right place to take seafood for dinner and get into a restaurant on the beach where we take some more cocktails.
Ao Nang BeachCocktails in Ao Nang

   When it’s time to come back I ask for changing a bill by coins in a store in order of using them in a street phone box to call our tuk tuk which arrives after 20 minutes. In the way the driver is recommending restaurants to us and explains about the Muay Thay place, just 100 meters far from the hotel, where there is going to be a combat tomorrow. It’s 1000 Bahts per person but we don’t know what time we’re going to be back from the tour.