Day 1 (November 25, 2010)   Flight to Bangkok linking in Doha


   We just must be at Barcelona’s airport on time to boarding into Qatar Airways flight to Doha, at 10:10 AM. The economy class of this airline is considered the best tourist class in the world, so we’re going to check that. We’re flying against the sun, so this day is going to be shorter than usual.

Flight to Bangkok via Doha

   At 6:30 PM – always talking about local time – we will land in Doha for a link of two and a half hours to Bangkok night flight scheduled at 8:50 PM. We should rest as much as possible as we’re going to reach Thailand very early the next morning for a very long day. The idea is getting to the jet lag during this long flight.


   Our flight leaves Barcelona one hour later than scheduled, at 11 AM, but gets the lost time in its way and reaches Doha around 7 PM. Doha’a airport is small and, when leaving the plane, it’s already dark and we can confirm we left the winter behind.

   The flight has been comfortable. These planes have more leg room for us and food is good. They’ve displayed two new movies: “The sorcerer’s apprentice” and “Grown ups”.

   The airport is full of Arabian people dressing traditionally. There is a supermarket in the middle and we check there is no advantage on the price for gadgets. There is a Porsche on exhibition in the center of the area and I’m told no photos are allowed in the airport by a guard when I try to take a photo of the car. The smoking area is a big and disgusting room. I’ve been in some of these areas and this is the worst in air circulation. You cannot breathe in there. Beside this room there is a toilet crowded with men washing their feet on the sink which, as is in their usual high for hands, make the people to get funny position.

   Wait is short and our next plane is bigger than the first and there is an individual screen on each seat full with series and movies to see at our will. There is also a controller, similar to the Playstation’s one, for being use with the games.

   We’re forced to sleep, but we cannot do it. We can barely rest, and I’m near the end of “Avatar” when we’re told we’re going to land.