Day 21 (June 26, 2008) Return


   We could visit this morning something missed the previous day. Our flight leaves at 2:45 PM from Buffalo. It will get New York at 4:13 PM and we will board there for our last flight to Barcelona, at 5:30 PM.

   The arrival to Barcelona is scheduled by 7:50 AM next day .


Border-bridge to USA   We’re quite lazy this last day so we spend the whole morning in getting ready for the taxi to the airport ordered from the hotel desk. Of course, we haven’t missed the buffet for breakfast: we just went downstairs to have it and then upstairs to bed again.

   We get in talks to the taxi driver about the beautiful place he’s living until we reach the bridge, which is also the border. After getting the exit stamp from Canada we stop in the American side where a police officer makes us one question through the window from which I don’t get a word, after my confused face, instead of repeat it he says “I guess no” and put the entrance stamp to our passports. This way we reach Buffalo’s airport.

Views of New York area from the plane   A couple of hours later we’re back in New York. We’ve got one hour of spare time we use on lunching a burger and checking the gift store looking after spending the remaining dollar bills in our pockets.

   And this is how our longest travel of our lives ends. We download the pictures to the laptop once in flight, taking them from all three cameras and it helps me to recalling experiences and recap. This travel is over, we’ve lived and experienced a lot of things but we still must assimilate them and, looking at the amount of pictures, I think that process will take a while. I’m happy everything have gone well but I’m feeling we’ve missed something from everyplace we’ve visited, which makes we would be glad to coming back to any of the places if there is the chance in the future. This list is like this:

 -Washington: Mainly American treasures exhibition, but also Jefferson Memorial, Pentagon and inside Capitol.
 - Philadelphia: Amish in Lancaster and Art Museum with its staircase with Rocky statue.
 - New York: What I miss the most is not visiting Flatiron Building. We could see more areas from Central Park and some Broadway show.
 - L.A: Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, but we can miss more Disneyland and some other studio tour.
 - San Diego: The Harbor and, mainly, the zoo part in Escondido.
 - Las Vegas: Mirage’s volcano and the show on Freemont Street’s screen.
 - Death Valley: The Racetrack.
 - Yosemite: Maybe Glacier Point and some other falls.
 - San Francisco: Clearly Alcatraz. We finally missed Sausalito too.
 - Niagara: We only missed the “Behind the falls” activity, but I don’t miss it.