Day 11 (September 20, 2013)   Diani Beach


Papillion Lagoon Reef in Diani Beach


   Relaxing day completely spent on Papillion Lagoon Reef resort with all-inclusive.

   Our only concern for this day will be when switching between swimming pool and the beautiful beach of Diani.


   We’re restful, so we’re early by the swimming pool. First we take our breakfast, where I’ve got the chance of tasting my first passion fruit, then we take towels and choose a couple of desk chairs for the rest of the day.

Going down to swimming pool area of Papillion Lagoon ReefRestaurant at Papillion Lagoon Reef

   We go for to the beach for a walk. The tide is low and it means a large sand area which, curiously, is not ending at water but at the reef which is making natural walls to the sea. I can see too the boats in a tongue of sand just 300 or 400 meters from the shore. It was not there yesterday and that was the island they meant when offering snorkel. I’m glad of haven’t paid 7000 ksh by a trip we can do by walking.

Diani Beach image by the morningDiani Beach image by the morningDiani Beach image by the morning

   There are a few beach boys than yesterday afternoon, but the ones here are still coming to us. We avoid them as we can as a denial for their proposals are not affecting them. We walk passing the next resort at South and open the sight for this endless white beach. It looks fantastic.

Diani Beach image by the morning

   We then come back to the swimming pool and spend the rest of the morning there, switching between water and chair, until lunch time.

Papillion Lagoon Reef swimming poolExit to the beach

   I only break this for going outside, back to the beach, and directly to the warm sea water. I want to check how this reef is. The beach boys walk to me but, at the moment I get in the water they abort their walk. I’m glad of wearing the snorkel shoes as the reef is mainly covered by urchins at this point. Later I can see an underwater meadow. It looks like beautiful things can be seen deeper in the sea, but I’m not going to the “island” and come back with my wife.

Papillion Lagoon Reef resort from the sea
Diani Beach underwaterDiani Beach underwater

   Sun takes really fast on this latitude and only with this morning I’ve covered the white parts of my skin under my short sleeve shirts. The white is not as black as the rest of the arm, but almost, just something more reddish. Eva, who has always been whiter, is completely red.

   In the afternoon we decide going to Diani shopping mall for our latest souvenirs and getting cash from an ATM. It is about 5 Kms from the hotel and we use a taxi, which takes us to there, wait for us and take us back to the hotel by 1200 ksh.

   The shops in the mall are expensive, but there are two huts at the entrance full of souvenirs. These huts looked smaller than they really are as, once inside, we could check it is growing deeper. We choose some things from there as giraffe figures, one hippo and a Maasai couple, and bargain for the whole lot. I end paying 2500 ksh for everything, which can be a good price if the Maasai couple is made in ebony as they state. We still haven’t found out if they’re not.

"Closing" Diani Beach"Closing" Diani Beach

   As the hotel has no wifi I spend the time to the diner in one of their computers with internet. They charge 600 ksh by hour.

   As today is Friday there is a special BBQ diner buffet. We can eat our meat under the color lights and with the relaxing live music. What else could we ask for?!

Area for Friday dinerBBQ buffet ready

   It looks like this day have been quite relaxing, but with all the burning, the walking and the swimming, we’re tired and go early to the bed. This is reaching its end.