Day 9 (March 12, 2014) Xel Ha


   We will spend this entire day in park Xel Ha, 30 minutes far from Playa del Carmen by car. We will swim with dolphins there and enjoy the natural features of this particular river mouth.

Xel Ha map


   Our indications for today are just being at Square Pelicanos at 7:50 AM. We’ve been informed it is on the crossing of 10th Street with 10th Avenue. We wait here until a van comes to pick us up. It takes a bit more than one hour on delivering us in Xel Ha.

Arriving to Xel Ha by road

   We’re taken by Delphinus staff and get into the park by a special door direct to the dolphinarium. We’re assigned lockets and towels here and they ask to us if we’re ready for having our session immediately. As we answer yes, we just appear with swimming suit and vest to join the 9:30 AM session.

Lockers in Xel HaShowers in Xel Ha

   The session is quite mechanical: we’re given specific instructions to get the pictures which later they’ll try to sell as if they were gold. Out of the photo moments, we pass the most of the rest of the time looking how the rest of the group are doing the same or just waiting.

Playing with dolphinsRiding a dolphin

   We’re assigned 2:20 PM as time for the snorkel with dolphins and can finally go around to the park. Our first stop is for breakfast.

   It’s almost 11:30 AM when we join the crowded breakfast buffet and enjoy it.

Breakfast in Xel HaXel Ha views

   Once with a full stomach we walk through this clean jungle to the transport terminal, where a long vehicle full of seats picks up people to take them to the beginning of the river. When we arrive, we must take a vest, put all the things we don’t want to bring with us to the water in a bag they close with a locker and will be delivered to us at the end of the river, choose if we want a rubber ring and start the itinerary with our snorkels.

Xel Ha RiverXel Ha River

   This beginning is going through a dense mangrove with a beautiful picture, then the river opens and the options for snorkeling with it.
Mangrove when starting our way down river in Xel Ha

   As we’ve started around 1 PM, we’re enjoying this river mouth and its underwater wonders for an hour. When we finish we have just the time for get our things in the bag back and reach the dolphinarium for our snorkeling.

   This time is a session with more freedom than the one in the morning: a big group of people spread over the water surface and the dolphins is randomly swimming through us, allowing us to touch it when it comes close. There are no pictures here.

Dolphinarium in Xel HaRestaurant in Xel Ha

   Then we go to lunch and after we go to explore the parts of the park we still haven’t been. We take the floating bridge for a round walk by the Mayan cave, the cenotes, manatees, etc…

Cenote Aventuras in Xel HaCenote Paraíso in Xel Ha

Toucan in Xel HaManatee in Xel Ha

End of river in Xel HaMacaws in Xel Ha

   We were asked by the van driver to be at the same spot we were delivered at 5:15 PM, and we are there at that time. While we’re waiting the only missing couple it starts to rain hard. A bit later we leave the place to be delivered on our hotels.

Closing Xel HaHammocks in Xel Ha

   The only thing we do in Playa del Carmen is picking up the rented car, which we leave in the same parking place it was, to be able of starting tomorrow early.

   We spend the rest of the evening resting at our room and eating something from the food we have here.