Day 2 (March 5, 2014) Antigua


  We’ll spend the morning visiting what we haven’t seen in Antigua.

Route for day 2

   Before lunching, we’ll leave the colonial city to reach our hotel in Lake Atitlan, after a 80 Km drive, which we should cover in one hour and twenty minutes. Hotel y Centro de Convenciones Jardines del Lago is besides the dock where the ferries leave. If we have time, we could visit one of the 12 villages around the lake.


   At 4:15 AM we are well awaken. We make some time until 6 AM. At that time, being daylight outside, we feel as we can take our shower and dress.

   At 7 AM the breakfast starts at hotel, but we leave before, walking along the Central Square, looking for a better option. We find it in Café Barista, where we eat a sort of omelet covering a mix of cheese, ham, tomato… delicious! I take my breakfast with a shake of mango and parsley.

Our frist breakfast in GuatemalaCentral Square in Antigua

   Then we turn to the popular arch with the clock. The streets are looking beautiful: wide, with the floor made by cobbles and bordered by long and colorful walls hardly higher than 5 meters.

5ª Avenida in AntiguaArch street in Antigua

Antigua's archChurch La Merced, in Antigua

   When we reach the “Merced” we can see a lot of live there. Today is Ash Wednesday and the people are leaving the church with a dark cross drawn in their foreheads. We’ve got into a souvenirs store and started with our shopping. When we explain to the girls in charge of the store our next step is climbing to the “Cerro de la Cruz”, the sighting spot in the hill with a nice view of the whole city and the volcano, if it is not hidden like today. They tell us we only should go up there in big groups. As we don’t know any big group, we don’t go.

Las CapuchinasSan Agustín in Antigua

   Instead, we walk down to Capuchinas and close the circle coming back to the hotel to leave the shopping bags..

Central Square in AntiguaCentral Square in Antigua  

Cathedral of Antigua GuatemalaPalacio de los Caballeros

   When we’re out again we explore the Central Square nearby, with the Cathedral and the Palace of the Knights. We take that street because it ends in the handicraft market, which results to be too local. Then we get into the Artisan market, which result to be too touristic.

Handikraft market in AntiguaArtisan market in Antigua  

   Our time is coming: we must check out hotel no later than 12 PM and we’ll be picked up at 12:30 PM, so we’re coming back looking by the shops in our way.

Hotel Palacio de Doña LeonorHotel Palacio de Doña Leonor

   Once at hotel, we pay 2000 quetzals as total by the room and last night dinner. At 12:30 PM exactly our driver appears.

   We do the three hours ride in a crowded van, passing through cities and driving manners recalling us to the African ones.


   The hotel has got great views to the lake and the three volcanoes across the lake, but they’re completely hidden. Is it possible we leave Guatemala without seeing any volcano?!

Lake Atitlan from the roadPanajachel

   That thought makes us go out to the garden while we’re lunching at the moment we see Volcano San Pedro silhouette when the sun is behind it.

Volcano San PedroVolcano San Pedro

   I eat “ceviche” of shrimps and “tapavenas” and my wife chooses tomato soup and meat: 180 quetzals in total. We end so full we go directly to the room and I only go out for a short exploring of Panajachel town before making our efforts for not being sleeping before 9 PM. We almost manage it.