Day 3 (September 10, 2012)   International date line


    This is a weird day as, officially, we are never going to live September 10th of 2012. We will miss this day in the very moment of crossing the 180 meridian, also known as International date line.

   Obviously, this is a calendar matter, as we will live indeed the 24 hours of this day. For example, the 14 hours flight from London to L.A. takes off at 16:30h and lands at 19:30h, always in local times, these 11 hours of difference, because of flying following the sun direction, added to the ones we will get in our return flight via Hong Kong are the ones compensated at that moment.


Display of flight itinerary
    At this moment, when we are flying for 9 hours and still remain three more hours to arrive to New Zealand, we cross the International date line and, automatically, Monday of September 10th of 1012 is removed from our lives.

   A lot of people dream about removing Mondays from a lot of weeks but, when in vacation, is not the case.

   I hope this day is not the birthday of anybody in this plane. What would it happen? Would that person live the rest of its life with one year less? :)