Day 6 (December 5, 2009)   Return to Barcelona


This travel is over but, until 3:30 PM, when our flight leaves, we can explore a bit of Croydon for our final shopping. Then we will go to the airport by train to lunch there, once checked in for the flight.

   The arrival to Girona’s airport is scheduled for 6:30 PM.


   The time for getting out of the bed was set by the breakfast ending time, so we sleep and rest until that limit approaches.

Hilton Croydon's lobby   We come back to our rooms with a full stomach to get the baggage ready and using whatever we need in the room before checking out. When doing it, the man at desk, who is Spanish, offers a taxi to the airport by 20 and we take it. This gives us even more time to spend before leaving, so we go out to explore the neighborhood around the hotel for some shopping. There are almost nothing close to the hotel but, after walking a bit further, we find a supermarket where we can get some typical sweets to bring to home.

   Once back in the hotel we still need to wait for a while in the lobby for the taxi to come at 12:30 PM.

   The process goes on with no issues: left at Gatwick airport, check in and security control for being waiting for an hour women spent entirely in the shops. Flight leaves London and lands in Barcelona as scheduled.

   Looking back to our experiences on this travel we confirmed, after being in London before, this is one of those cities you must explore at least once in your life, but we’ve loved what we’ve seen out of the city. When places you’ve visited just because they were close to somewhere you want to visit bright so much by themselves I cannot avoid wondering how much would be around England and their cities which, as Salisbury before, I don’t know. We have a bigger route in this island pending for being explored in the future.

   About our specific itinerary, if I could change something from it maybe I would change the hotel. It is a great hotel and I think taking the hotel in Croydon is a good trick which I would recommend to anybody looking for the best value for money in allocation as it has got good links with London, but I would look for a hotel closest to the train station. Being at walking distance of the station would avoid the waiting for the bus and the bus ride itself, which would be appreciated.