Day 8 (10/13/2011)   Taba: Red Sea


 Day for relaxing in the All-inclusive resort Sol y Mar Sea Star with Red Sea private beach, pools, bars… If even with that we would wish to go out somewhere, we could do a trip to Pharaoh’s island or Coloured Canyon. This last one is less likely, though.


   It’s time for relax and we assume that since the very beginning by appearing at breakfast buffet at 9:55 when it closes at 10:00. But they’re kind enough as per clearing the parts as we’re finishing on them. At 11:15 we’re on the beach, on Red Sea. We take some soft drinks at bar there and we’re offered to snorkel quite soon. This activity is not included, but it costs 5€ for both: my wife and me. We take the pedal boat they included in price and drive it to the reef nearby.

Playa Mar RojoPlaya Mar Rojo

   My first experience with snorkel is very fast and negative: in the same second I’ve gone off and back in the boat at the instant I’ve felt beaten by an urchin. We’re very clumsy at the beginning and Eva is beaten too. Once we organize and we start snorkeling properly, when looking under sea surface we’re witnesses of a wonderful spectacle. In the middle of an unimaginable calm the reef is looking full of sponges, anemones, etc… That kind of life we only saw in Cousteu documentaries. Around us, colorful fishes are wandering as if we were not there. The best moment is when I found myself surrounded by a big shoal of silvered little fishes.

Snorkel en el Mar RojoSnorkel en el Mar Rojo

   I don’t know for how long we’re there because we don’t want to come back, but we finally do. We haven’t noticed we’ve been getting further from the beach and we must spend our energies by pedaling.

Playa del Mar RojoPlaya del Mar Rojo

   Some more time on this clear waters beach and we come back to the hotel for our lunch buffet.

   We spend afternoon at pool area, using the bar on it. Life is wonderful as far as we don’t lose our bracelet .

Piscina hotel SolymarPiscina hotel Solymar

   During this time I go to reception in a moment for asking to call our driver, the one from yesterday. I want to tie our trip to Cairo for tomorrow morning but I look for a discount by telling him I’ve been offered going to Cairo by taxi by 80€, but for the same price we would prefer going with him as we already know him and his van. He accepts the new price and we schedule to meet at hotel entrance at 9:00h or calling when we’re ready.

   After dinner we join to the show is performed on the Disco, along other customers, almost all of them from Russia. There we dance and take some spirits until our body and mind suggest to go to bed.