Day 5 (December 17, 2012)   Arrival to Cordoba


Route Granada - Cordoba

   The morning of this day could be spent in finishing the pending visits in Granada city.

   Anyway, this is the day we must drive to Cordoba, covering the 200 Km of distance.

   It will be a couple of hours. It could happen we don’t have time in destination for any visits today, just check in at hotel and dinner.


   Today we don’t have any reasons for waking up early, our only limit is set by the breakfast ending time: 10:30 AM. Yesterday we set Granada visits as completed.

   So, a few minutes after 11 AM we take the car with all our baggage and, just checked out from the hotel, we take the road following the signs to N-432 which will take us to Cordoba.

   Once in N-432 we don’t leave it or stopped a single time, driving again through landscapes covered by olive trees and white villages.


   We get into Jaen province for a while. As we’re approaching to Cordoba, the rain of the beginning is disappearing and even we pass by sunny places.


   Baena is a big town, but is Castro del Rio the last of the big towns making us to be ready for reaching Cordoba after just two hours driving from Granada.

Castro del Rio

   Signs to the historic center are appearing in all our way within the city. I’ve planned leaving the car on this side of the river Guadalquivir as the other side, where we’re going to spend today and tomorrow, is composed by narrow streets with no chances or parking in the street.

   The river is a good point of reference and it helps us to reach the area in front of the Great Mosque, where we need to drive around some time to finally finding a parking space.

   Once free from the car, we pass through the Roman Bridge carrying our baggage knowing our hotel is just at the other side, in front of the monument we can see in front of us.

Walking through Cordoba's Roman BridgeBridge's Gate

Cordoba from the Roman Bridge

   Somehow, when we reach the mosque – which is also cathedral – we need to walk around it as the bell tower is on the opposite side. Hotel Los Patios is just in front of it.

One side of the Great Mosque of CordobaFrontal side of the Great Mosque of Cordoba

   We get a room in the second floor of the courtyard where the restaurant is located. It’s more than 2 PM and, as we’ve been told hotel customers have 10% of discount in the restaurant, we’re going to lunch right here.

One of the doors of the Great Mosque of CordobaCourtyard in Hotel Los Patios

   We’ve ordered spaghettis, which are really good but, by more than 8€ each, we expected bigger portions. So we share a tapa of meat to finish our lunch by 24€ with the discount.

   At the desk, we’re explained about Cordoba secrets over the map of the city: The Great Mosque is free since 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, and the Alcazar is free until 10:30 AM. We will use this information tomorrow.

   Now we’ve thought about exploring the area around the hotel and walking to the furthest spots of our list: the Roman temple and Square of Corredera.

   Nos imbuimos fácilmente entre las cuidadas calles blancas de la Judería e incluso encontramos la Calleja de las Flores porque ya llama la atención desde fuera. Dentro sólo hay una pequeña plaza que se ha llenado con un grupo de japoneses, todos buscando la fotografía más famosa de aquí, y que también es la que hace de cabecera a estas páginas: por entre los cercanos edificios de esta calle tan estrecha aparece el campanario de la mezquita catedral culminando una estampa magnífica entre macetas colgando de las paredes.

Calleja de las floresCalleja de las flores

Calleja de las flores

   When the group leaves we have a moment of loneliness here, just before another group of Japanese people appears.

   We keep walking up until Square of Tendillas, a modern square in the middle of all these picturesque streets brought us to here. From this point we just have to walk Claudio Marcelo Street to reach the ruins of the Roman temple, which result to be beside the City Hall.

Roman temple in CordobaSan Pablo's church

   A narrow street takes us to the hidden Square of Corredera, a big space following the model of a lot of squares in Spain, as Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

Square of CorrederaPlaza Cañas

   Next stage in our walk must return to our hotel and we let ourselves getting lost between these beautiful cobbled streets to meet fantastic corners in our way, as Plaza del Potro (Square of the colt).

Plaza del PotroPlaza del Potro

   If all these are streets of Jewish quarter, it is quite bigger than expected. Finally we meet Guadalquivir River, which should appear sooner or later and then we just have to follow it to reach the Roman Bridge and, therefore, the hotel area. It’s 5:20 PM and it is going to be dark soon. We go to our room for a rest.

Walking through Jewish quarterWalking through Jewish quarter

   We go out at night looking the offers of the bunch of tapa bars around the hotel. We get into one of the smaller ones because of the offer of “migas con chorizo” by 5€. It is a main dish composed by crumbs of bread fried – or something similar – with garlic, chorizo, etc… Also, we eat two tapas coming with the two pairs of beer glasses we take here: 15€ in total for a dinner where we leave satisfied from Taberna “La tapa”.

   We want to rest for tomorrow but I still need to go to the car, which gives me the chance of enjoying the wonderful views of the Roman Bridge, Calahorra Tower, Bridge gate and the monumental complex in lights.

Cordoba's Roman Bridge by nightCordoba's Roman Bridge by night