Day 4 (September 7, 2007)   Return


  We’re not going to have a lot of spare time because, although taking off time for the plane is 12:15h, as we must be at airport one hour before, plus another hour for the bus trip to the airport, we must leave hotel around 9:30h.

   It is scheduled to land in Girona at 13:45h .


   We check out pretending to take breakfast somewhere in our way, but we immediately go into the patisserie across the street which window we attracted our attention every day.

   We buy a kind of pastry with pine kernels and honey and two pieces of chocolate and blueberry pie, but that was not easy. When you go somewhere out of the touristic you can find out English can be as useless as any other language. So we get our sweets by gesturing primitively.

   Out of that stop, we follow the expected route: metro in Cambronne until Charles de Gaule where we can walk back to the bus station where we were delivered three days ago to buy two tickets (13€) to Beauvais airport. We arrive just in time.

   In the hour of bus trip we eat our respective pie pieces. They’re so delicious we think we should buy more of them.

   From Girona to Barcelona we stop in a rural restaurant. It has been three days so intensive we feel as being out of home for a month.

   We’ve concentrated the visits a lot and we really ended exhausted every night. Obviously, Paris requires more time as there are a lot of spectacular things to see.

   But, as it’s used to say, we always can come back and, in the meantime, we’ll always have Paris.