Day 1 (March 21, 2008)   Flight to Dublin


  Plane should land over Dublin airport at 13:00. Once there, we will go to hotel by taxi.

   We will spend the afternoon walking around Dublin downtown and will check if it’s true what we’ve read about all bars closed on Good Friday .

Dublin map

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley
 1- Airport
 2- Dubiln downtown


   As we knew lunch time would come in route, when landing we’ve all already finished the sandwiches we taken from home. So, when we go out from airport we go directly to split ourselves on three taxis which will follow the same way to Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley by around 20€ each. We did our math homework so we already knew taxi was a better option for our group than Flybus, which is cheaper for a couple or travelling alone.

   We do check in and go to our rooms. We like them: they’re spacious and beautiful and sited in both sides of long hallways. But we’re crazy about taking a look to the city and we got the advantage it is less cold than we thought for such a northern winter, therefore, we go to the bus stop.

   It’s 17h and isn’t going to be more than two hours before getting dark. After waiting for 10 minutes we take 25A bus route by 1,40€ each. Almost all buses are yellow and doubled decker ones and, as it is new for us, we go upstairs in order of enjoying our first views of Dublin. In a half of an hour we decide to go down, after getting our first views of river Liffey – which gives name to our hotel – and the bridges over it. We could see some great buildings too as The Four Courts, in the picture. We’ve passed by Heuston train station as well, where we must be early tomorrow.

Dublin busThe Four Courts

   Ha’Penny Bridge has been our reference for leaving the bus. We’ve been provided by maps at hotel and know it is close to the Temple Bar area. The first thing we want to check is if all the pubs are really closed, as we’ve read, or the rule is kind of relaxed, as use to be.

   We can see the bars in this part of the city are showing themselves blinds closed so we keep walking until reaching Dame St. and can see the City Hall and the entrance to Dublin’s Castle, which we will visit on Sunday.

Dublin City HallDublin Castle entrance


   Keeping this street, which is changing its name some times in our way, we reach Christchurch Cathedral. It is spectacular, big and with a difference architectonic style of the ones we use to see. The grey stone it is built with is a different touch on its look as well. We love this first visit and spend the time discovering all its corners.

Christchurch CathedralChristchurch Cathedral
Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral

   When we’re coming back through the same way we know two things: we’re going to like this city and we are not going to be able of taking a beer today definitively. Well… there is still one option, as I’ve read hotels use to serve alcohol to their customers. So, we are taking our way back to the bus stop at the same time the sun is leaving this land as night has nothing to offer today in the city. It is the only day of the year like this!

   So we wait for the bus at stop on the opposite riverside we were delivered two hours ago for our return trip. We take route 25X, which is a bit more expensive than the one when coming: 2.10€. We are very aware of reckoning the roundabout where we took the bus and don’t miss our stop.

   Somehow, when dinning at hotel, we’re denied to be served with beer. I would understand this as a day alcohol is not served to anyone, but for two men with lager paints on their table. Although we ask about that, we cannot get any other answer except for the “Alcohol is not served on Good Friday” one. So we go to sleep as must wake up early tomorrow.